The most popular Mexican dishes


Mexico is a country with one of the greatest diversities in food and dishes, in fact, UNESCO recognized, in 2010, the gastronomy of this country as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, therefore, there are typical foods of the Aztec nation for all tastes, colors, and needs.

If you plan to visit Mexico, you will surely wonder what type of food you want to consume, because with so much variety, choosing a lunch, breakfast or dinner is a rather complicated task, therefore, so you can clarify a little your margin of choice, today we are going to show you two of the most popular dishes in Mexico.

Tacos: The food sign of Mexico

It could not be otherwise, whenever you think of the word “taco” or the dish itself, it is implicitly taken to Mexico, especially if it is accompanied by dressings such as guacamole or salsa verde.

The taco consists of a corn or wheat tortilla that is wrapped in any type of filling, mainly meats, which can come ground, roasted or “al pastor”, that is, the one that is hung on a special axis called “trompo” and is progressively cut with a knife.

Tacos, due to the diversity of fillings they have, fit for all tastes and colors, no matter if you like beef, chicken, pork, or even, if you are vegan or vegetarian, there will always be a variety of taco adapted to your tastes.

Even if someone has decided to retire in Baja California, they are also very likely to find a taco adapted to their nutritional needs, for example, if they cannot consume hard foods, they can choose to eat tacos with softer ingredients, or if they are required to consume foods rich in certain nutrients, you can also fill a taco with these foods. Simply great!

Tlayuda: The most popular food in Oaxaca

This dish, although it is not as well known internationally as tacos, is certainly a very attractive concept if you plan to travel to Mexico and eat a typical dish, it consists of an especially large tortilla, there are up to forty centimeters in diameter, filled with ingredients such as meats and cheese, in the latter case,  It is worth mentioning the famous Oaxaca cheese, also known as Quesillo.

Tlayuda is one of the most valued dishes in the interior of the country, which is why many people from a good part of the regions of the nation decide to spend part of their holidays in Oaxaca to try this delicious dish.

Similarly to tacos, tlayudas have a wide variety of fillings available, so if you recently put on some braces in Tijuana, then you do not need to exclude tlayuda from your diet or your favorite foods, just follow the instructions of your dentist and adapt the various fillings that this popular food has to the needs of your body. Mexican cuisine is simply wonderful! 

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